Features of the MetaTrader platform and the best reliable trading companies with the MetaTrader platform

The MetaTrader platform includes many features and that is why you find most banks and financial companies use the MetaTrader platform as an online trading platform.

The MetaTrader 4 platform is a trading platform launched in 2005, followed by the MetaTrader 5 platform, which was launched in 2010 with the aim of opening new markets in the MetaTrader platform, which cannot be accessed on the MetaTrader 4 platform where you can view all financial markets in one trading platform.

The programming language used in the development of the MetaTrader platform is the MetaQuotes Language MQL in its fourth and fifth versions.

What are the advantages of the MetaTrader platform that made it the best online trading platform?

MetaTrader platform features – ease of handling and learning

The MetaTrader platform is user-friendly as it enables both a new and professional user to trade in the stock market, commodities, forex, CFDs, trading products and others through it.

There are no complications in the MetaTrader platform, and it can be learned even for beginners, and it is one of the most important features of secured trading platforms.

MetaTrader features – language support

The MetaTrader trading platform supports many languages ​​of the world, including Arabic, which makes Arab investors comfortable in dealing with it easily.

Many investors in the Arab world suffer from the difficulty of understanding other languages ​​such as English, and therefore the presence of an Arabic trading platform facilitates trading and makes it accessible to everyone.

MetaTrader platform features – charts

The MetaTrader trading platform offers a lot of charts, technical indicators and customizations that can improve your trading experience.

The indicators and technical analysis tools provided by the MetaTrader platform are not available in any other trading platform in the world in terms of quality or quantity.

Therefore, anyone interested in technical analysis will find the best MetaTrader platform in the world.

MetaTrader platform features – expert advisors and automatic trading algorithms

The MetaTrader trading platform offers expert advisors and robots for automatic trading which is a powerful feature.

Automatic trading or automated trading and sometimes called algorithmic trading is an advanced feature of the trading platform.

Where you can program your own algorithm or buy high-performance trading algorithms to trade for you on all markets.

MetaTrader platform features – communication systems

The MetaTrader trading platform provides options for communication between brokers (such as banks and financial companies) and clients directly without the need for e-mail.

This feature is a useful feature of the trading platform and saves time for investors and brokers at the same time.

MetaTrader platform features – low use of computer resources

One of the most important advantages of the MetaTrader trading platform is its low use of computer resources as it does not constitute a great pressure on the memory and processing unit, which means that the performance of the computer or phone will remain excellent after the trading platform is launched.

Usually trading platforms consume computer resources a lot, and this makes the performance of the computer or tablet slow and slow, and this does not happen when you use MetaTrader.

MetaTrader features – support for users’ profiles

The MetaTrader trading platform can be used in more than one account and the allocation for each account is maintained separately.

The User Modes feature enables multiple users to separately enter into different trading accounts without affecting the other.

MetaTrader features – flexibility of the trading platform

The MetaTrader trading platform provides flexibility in the markets that can be accessed. In addition to stock trading, trading of precious metals, oil trading, currency trading, global money market trading and cryptocurrency trading are also offered.

The MetaTrader trading platform also offers the advantage of trading in futures or futures contracts, in addition to CFDs.

MetaTrader platform features – security and privacy

The MetaTrader trading platform provides encryption of users’ data when they connect to the global and local financial markets, in addition to hiding their IP addresses so that it is not possible to know their location or the IP addresses of their devices.

MetaTrader platform features – the possibility of customization

The MetaTrader trading platform provides the possibility of customization as desired by the users to suit all investors.

Charts can be changed, features and software added to them, in addition to the aforementioned automated trading feature.

MetaTrader platform features – support for most operating systems and devices

The MetaTrader trading platform supports most operating systems, which are Windows, Mac and Linux

In addition, it can be installed on a mobile phone running an Android operating system or an iOS operating system from Windows.